Sunday, July 20, 2008


Earlier this year I went to a local homeschool hybrid school and taught a group of girls about hospitality, tea and etiquette. It was a great time to share my love of tea and encourage the girls to fulfill the command to be hospitable.

The Lord showed up in a big way even before the event. He gave me specific scripture to share and even told me to give them goody bags and what to put in them. He was in all the details. There was one detail that I had not expected. He was in my talk and I mean REALLY in my talk. You see I opened with my name and company name, went into hospitality, then etiquette/manners and tea. It was more technical than personal and more light-hearted than spiritual. After the presentation was over one of the moms came to me and thanked me for sharing my testimony. What? My testimony? I ran over and over in my head what I shared and I thought, “What you mean my name?” I asked her, "What exactly did I say." She said, “It is just obvious how much you love the Lord.” WOW! She got that from scripture, etiquette/manners and tea? It makes me cry even now. He took my words and transformed them into a testimony that ministered to this mom in whatever area she needed ministering in. You see we are storytellers, whether we actually tell our stories or not. God, by the power of His Holy Spirit will transform what we say into what people need to hear.

A little background: When we purchased the business one thing the Lord impressed upon me was “testimony” – this business was creating a testimony to His Glory. We had a business dedication and everyone brought a scripture or word the Lord had given them concerning our business and wrote them on a balloon. Without ever hearing the word the Lord gave me, notice the word “testimony” written on the balloon by one of our friends (left hand side). God is so Awesome and Faithful.

Go ahead tell His story, if not He’ll use what you say to tell it anyway.

That's His story and I'm sticking to it!


AtlantaMama said...

the power of testimony!!

Wendi said...

I love this Mari! When God shows up I am just in humble awe... Thanks for shring this!